4.Enterprise spirit
Pragmatism, professionalism, cooperation and innovation are the spirit of Hong Kong.
Practical working attitude makes the enterprise develop step by step, steady and progressive; professional technical level makes the products of Golden Harbor perfect and win the good reputation of the brand; cooperative and mutually supportive employee relations, let the enterprise concentrate on improving work efficiency; innovation creates an open and inclusive enterprise atmosphere, encourage innovative thinking to let the enterprise smoothly We should make breakthroughs in the current situation.
corporate culture
1.Enterprise mission
From the year of its establishment, Jinggang industry believed that people create a better life experience as the goal. As a company with strong sense of social responsibility. In the process of development, Golden Harbor constantly improves itself to meet the needs of society, environment and consumers, to maintain the harmony of environment, human beings and social development, and to provide people with clean, beautiful, healthy, elegant and environmentally friendly experience.
Founded 25 years ago, through continuous innovation, research and development, strict quality control, devoted to perfect maintenance, Golden Harbor has become a well-known professional daily necessities Service providers. In the future, Golden Harbor will continue to promote the old and bring forth the new, with high-quality products to create high-quality reputation, and strive to become a favorite and trusted enterprise.
Enterprise development concept
3.Quality first, integrity management, pioneering and innovation, create win-win situation.
Quality first is the basis for the survival of enterprises, only excellent quality, so that enterprises in the market to occupy a solid place.
Integrity management provides a strong support for the development and growth of enterprises. Integrity enables enterprises to win the trust of consumers and partners, win a good reputation for enterprises, and establish a good brand image.
Innovation and pioneering so that enterprises in the trend of social development has always maintained an advantage, market demand-oriented, can last forever and never lag behind.
Golden Harbor and its partners have a long-term and good cooperative relationship. Benign competition keeps the enterprise vigorous and dynamic so as to improve efficiency and efficiency.
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