More than 20 years ago, due to the harsh living conditions, people's pursuit of quality of life is limited to food and clothing, oral health has not been given enough attention, whether adults or children, teeth irregularity, yellowing teeth and other problems are very prominent. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of Mr. Lin, the founder of Golden Harbor. After careful observation and understanding, he found that the basic reason for the neglect of oral problems lies in poor living conditions and poor aesthetic and practical use of oral products.          In order to change people's attitude to oral health care, Mr. Lin decided to start from the product, to create a beautiful shape, comfortable use of toothbrush. In 1996, Mr. Lin introduced advanced toothbrush manufacturing equipment, technology and materials from abroad with the idea of promoting healthy smiles and delivering a better life, and founded an oral health products manufacturing enterprise.
        Over the past 20 years, Golden Harbor has established a complete product research and development center, a strict quality control system, and the integration of top domestic and foreign technical teams, hiring international authoritative dentists as professional medical guidance, in the field of oral health protection accumulated a large number of dental care experience.
        In the future, Golden Harbor will gather more than 20 years of valuable experience in the field of oral health products, in toothbrush research and development, design, production innovation, adhere to provide safe, quality, thoughtful products for each consumer, so that the joy of life passed on to hundreds of millions of families.
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