Santi Burgas, founded in 2008, is a small perfume brand from Spain. It was born in the carnival city of Barcelona. Santi Burgas is not only a crystallization of Santiago personality, but also another interpretation of Barcelona's amorous feelings. Santiago Burgas, Santi Burgas's creative director of the brand, has devoted herself to environmental protection, bringing into the fragrant world the elements of the Brava coast - soft beaches, sparkling seawater, boundless blue skies, and magical elements of the animal world. Through the collection of layers, it will eventually be a perfume full of sweet and strong feelings.
Santi Burgas has a strong flavor, full of Spain's passionate and unrestrained style, as if recording Spain's travel mood, is not to miss the small crowd companionship. Santi Burgas has always pursued the supremacy, and respected the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, raw materials and packaging are using high-quality environmental protection materials, since its inception in 2008, has a jazz, Fan two series of fragrance. Santi Burgas's bottle body is designed by ant language style, full of personality and fashion sense. It can be called the fashion model of perfume industry.
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