In a remote and fairy-tale village of Basinub in Italy, there is a festival every March, filled with expectations and fears for both boys and girls. On that day, the girls would put water in a small bucket, drop it into perfume, dip a small twig into the water, and gently hit the man in love to express their love. In March 2000, Alfredo, a perfumer from the Italian metropolis, passed the town in search of inspiration on a trip. He saw the woman sprinkle with a perfume on the body of a man who was very shy and scarlet, and the fragrance lingered in every corner of the town, full of romantic and hormonal breath.
Among the many flavors, he smells a distinctive, sweet, sour citrus intertwined with the scent of flowers, but also with a slight bitterness. With a keen sense of smell, he searched along the scent, and in a small garden planted with geraniums, he saw Bella, a natural beauty without applying pink powder. Bella sprays his own perfume on the road and expects to meet with a man who knows this fragrance one day and finally wait for Alfredo on this day. Then Alfredo made Bella a unique scent with his own flowers and named it Basinub to commemorate his encounter with Bella.
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