Located in Calgary, southern Canada, also known as the "City of Cowboys", is a city with a denim atmosphere, every year there are a large number of tourists to watch the cowboy show. Derrick is a fashion designer who advocates the cowboy culture. He feels that the cowboy culture is independent, free, brave, rebellious and fascinating. He often uses the cowboy element in his own design. This retro and fashionable element is not only popular with men, but also fascinated by women. It represents this kind of unfettered and courageous personality.
Olcagary is Derrick's low-luxury fragrance series inspired by denim elements. It is a neutral fragrance based on moss and woody fragrance, with a rough and simple design, which fully reflects Calgary's urban style. Calgary is a famous tourist city in Canada. Visitors to Calgary often buy a bottle of Ocalgary as a souvenir for the city of cowboys. With the popularity of Olcagary perfume, Derrick simply applies this fragrance to its products, so that they can spread the smell of cowboy to every corner of the world.
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