Britain has always attached great importance to tradition, with an open degree of cultural atmosphere, such an environment of immersion, so that Britain naturally appeared many ladies, gentlemen. Suzanne, a British-born perfumery, loves life and is optimistic and cheerful. She is a lady with elegant and noble temperament. She especially likes the art of flower arranging. She enjoys the shape and smell of flowers. She often makes flowers into dried flowers or essential oils. She thinks it can make the life of flowers last. After making the essential oil of her favorite flowers, she became the raw material for making perfume. It was sweet, steady, refreshing and rich, and named the perfume Pleasure Enjoy, which meant that she enjoyed pleasure, and every flavor was her interpretation of flowers and her love for life.
Pleasure has a series of delicate and mild essential oils, clean and mild essential oils, seawater lens series, luxury and pleasant Xiangshui series, Fen Xin series, each of which is very delicate and mild taste, full of inherent elegant flavor and classic British style, make people feel comfortable, is to ease fatigue, repair mental fatigue. No other choice.
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